Garage Equipment



    1.Capacity: 1500 lbs

    2.Construction: Welded Steel

    3.Lift control: Hydraulic

    4.Min Working Hook Height: 4.72″

    5.Max Working Hook Height: 15.15″

    6.Base Length: 31.50″a

    7.Overall Width: 14.17″

    8.Packing Size: 33″ x 16″ x 6″

  • Truck tire raking machine – heavy tire raking machine ATK-TC26T

    Truck tire raking machine – heavy tire raking machine ATK-TC26T

    1.Technical Specification ·

    2.Rim Diamter:14″-26″·

    3.Max.wheel weight:1103 lbs ·

    4.Max.Wheel Width:31″·

    5.Max.Tire Diameter:63″

    6.Hydraulic Pump Motor:220V 60HZ2HP

    7.Gearbox Motor:220V 60HZ 2HP ·

    8.Bead Breaker Force:5512 Ibs


    10. Operation Control Voltage:24V

    11.Power:220 60HZ 1PH

  • Tire Chop Machine AGT-TC24

    Tire Chop Machine AGT-TC24

    1. Classic horizontal swing arm.

    2. Self-centring four-jaws with dual pneumatic cylinders for rim clamping.

    3. Turntable clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.

    4. Step pedal control operation.

    5. Plastic jaw cover for all wheel contact points.

    6. Air regulator and oil lubricator.

    7. Plastic protection mount/demount head.

  • Shop Press-SP100

    Shop Press-SP100

    Agrotk 100 ton shop press is worth for value. Our shop press has a  full-welded H frame to add rigidity and durability Pressing head moves from side to side for multi-work positioning.


  • Wheel Balancer

    Wheel Balancer

    Easy Of Operation

    1. Voltage: 115V / 60HZ 8A

    2. Maximum Tire diameter: 39-3 / 8”

    3. Rim Diameter: 10”-24”

    4. Rim Width: 1-1 / 2”-16”

    5. Balancing Speed: : 220RPM

    6. Maximum Wheel Weight: 154lbs

    7. Accuracy:+/- 1g  (0.0022lb)

  • Car Lift-B1000

    Car Lift-B1000

    1. 2 of-Stage arms and 2 of 3-Stage arms

    2. Whole-Plate structure reinforced carriage

    3.  Service (inspection) hole

    4.  Over-Sized pulley

    5. Multi-strand non-rotary non-stretchy cable

    6. 4 Screw-Up rubber pads and 8 truck adapters