Skid Steer 750 Breaker

Skid Steer 750 Breaker

Short Description:

AGT-SSHH-750A Hydraulic Crusher Hammer is designed for 45-100HP medium to large skid steering loaders

There is a 3 “(75mm) diameter moil point chisel

Impact rates of 500-800 BPM, combined with workflow pressures of 1700-2500 psi

  • Working Weight: 1000 lbs
  • Working Pressure: 1700-2500 psi (120-170 bar)
  • Working Flow: 13-24 GPM (50-90 L/min)
  • Impact Rate: 500-800 BPM
  • Impact Energy: 785 Joule
  • Chisel Diameter: 3'' (75mm)
  • Hydraulic Hose Diameter: 1/2"
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    Technical Details

    Working Weight 1000 lbs
    Working Pressure 1700-2500 psi (120-170 bar)
    Working Flow 13-24 GPM (50-90 L/min)
    Impact Rate 500-800 BPM
    Impact Energy 785 Joule
    Chisel Diameter 3'' (75mm)
    Hydraulic Hose Diameter 1/2"


    1.Skid steer Concrete Breaker SSHH750 loader: 45-100HP

    2.Maximized power-to-weight ratio breaking strength


    1.The nitrogen-charged operation provides superior braking efficiency

    2.Bottom tie rod bolted design provides easy maintenance

    3.Tool bushing for quick, easy replacement

    Product Overview

    1.Designed for use with 45-100HP medium to large skid steer loaders, the AGT-SSHH-750A hydraulic breaker hammer gets hard jobs done with ease.

     2.With a 3’’ (75mm) diameter moil point chisel, this hammer is perfect for medium to large jobs including construction, demolition, excavating, and landscaping.

     3.An impact rate of 500-800 BPM combined with 1700-2500 PSI working flow pressure makes this a versatile and efficient breaking hammer for breaking driveways, 

    demolishing concrete structures, and digging holes.





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